Point Dume Beach Park

Toddler enjoying the Beach
Toddler enjoying the Beach

Filming for one of cinematic history’s most famous scenes—Taylor and Nova seeing the Statue of Liberty at the conclusion of Planet of the Apes—took place in Point Dume. The beach, which is a point that juts into the Pacific Ocean with a spectacular cliff’s edge that slopes down to a lovely crescent-shaped beach, is located at the end of Malibu even if it may not be at the end of the earth. A day at the beach would be ideal there. The options include swimming, cave exploring, rock climbing, hiking, and scuba diving.

Point Dume boasts 34 acres of beach and more than a mile of oceanfront. It is encircled by headlands, cliffs, rocky bays, and a sizable beachfront. Malibu, California’s 7103 Westward Beach Road is the location.


The Pacific Coast Highway, which is infamous for gridlock on beach days, offers a direct route to Point Dume. There is a very little parking lot if you arrive early. Otherwise, you’ll have to park in the expensive lot at the far end of the beach; it costs $8 during the week and $15 over the weekend, and you’ll have to walk a quarter-mile to get to the beach.

Bring your own equipment and sunscreen because there aren’t many conveniences at the beach.

Your options are sand or surf

On a scorching summer day, the lake is the ideal swimming location due to its clarity. Point Dume is a popular scuba diving location because of the beautiful water, where you can swim with sea lions, although it’s quite challenging because of the strong currents.

Except on weekends at the height of summer, the beach is rarely very busy and is sandy, making it ideal for all-day laziness and barefoot strolls. Find a location to spread out a beach blanket, and peace will be yours.

Anything unique we should be on the lookout for?

Rock climbing beginners love Point Dume because it’s a fantastic place to practise. A business like OnRope Consulting, which organises excursions there, may help individuals interested in taking rock climbing courses. The beginner-rated cliffs are sloped enough that just about anybody can learn here, while experienced climbers can still have a fulfilling experience. The cliffs all surrounding Point Dume are frequently being scaled by climbers. Also often from December through March are whale sightings.

From the sluggish beach loungers to the swimmers to the hikers to the tough rock climber types, this beach offers something for everyone.

You desire a secluded beach

On a clear day, tourists may take in a breathtaking panorama that includes the entire Santa Monica Bay and the far-off Catalina Island.

A more secluded beach with excellent tide-pooling chances may be reached by stairs from the east side of the bluff top. Similar to Zuma, Point Dume is a fantastic location to view grey whales between December and March.

Additionally, there are picnic tables for setting up your location, restaurants for delectable fare, and showers for when you’ve been swimming. For convenience, restrooms are also available.

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